October 20, 2007

Gamsol Or Watercoloring?

Hey there!! Here are 2 cards I worked on, using 2 different color techniques. One was used with Gamsol, the other Water Coloring. Can you tell which is which? They both turned out so pretty - I stamped more images to create more cards. Anyways, I bought this big container of Gamsol at Home Depot about a month ago. When I first used it with my blending stump - I wasn't getting the results that I wanted to. So I resorted back to watercolor pencils. For Watercolor pencils, I use an aqua paint brush to blend the colors. While I was doing this one my watercolor card yesterday - I thought...."hmmmm.... what if I put the Gamsol in an aqua paint brush too?". Well - as you can see.... it worked great for me this time around. So, now I'm using an aqua paint brush for my gamsol creations - how cool eh?! I was worried at first, thinking that the gamsol solution might eat through the plastic - but so far so good. I just labeled my aqua paint brush to make sure that I know that its Gamsol in there, and not just water.

Card Deets:

Stamps: Whipper Snapper; SU!

Paper & CS: TAC

Ribbon: SU!

Techniques: Gamsol & Watercoloring

Tomorrow is SUNDAY!!!! You know what that means!!! I will FINALLY reveal what movie the song on my site is from.... you still have time... the hint that I gave was that it was a "2001 Oscar Award Winning Movie". I will also post another "Sham Battle Challenge" tomorrow - did you notice that I didn't have one this week?! Thought everyone needed a break. Plus with this "BIG" giveaway - I didn't want to confuse myself in sending out the wrong gifts to the winners.
I'll post tomorrow which card was used with gamsol, and which was used with watercoloring. So come on back now, ya hear?!?!
Have a great evening!!!