October 25, 2007

Gamsol or Watercoloring (con't)

That last post I had regarding Gamsol and Watercoloring... I've received several emails and comments on "what is Gamsol?" or what's the difference between water coloring and using gamsol. So, to answer these questions, here are some information....

"Gamsol" is an Oderless Mineral Spirits product. Artists use mineral spirits as an alternative to turpentine, one that is both less flammable and less toxic. Because of interactions with pigments, artists require a higher grade of mineral spirits than many industrial users, including the complete absence of residual sulphur. Odorless Mineral Spirits are mineral spirits that have been further refined to remove the more toxic aromatic compounds, and are recommended for applications such as oil painting, where humans have close contact with the solvent. I bought this can at Home Depot - in the "paint" section, for about $6. You would use this product only with Color Pencils. When applied to the coloring of your pencils, the gamsol thins out and separates the oils in your pencils thus creating this "smear or blend" look.

As for water coloring - you'd use your water color pencils for this technique. You'd color the same way - outline the image, and darken areas where you'd like to shade. Then with a paint brush and water, or aqua paintbrush filled with water.

For me - I'm sorta getting the same effects. The differences that I have observed is that when I use gamsol, the results seem brighter and vivid in the coloring. When I color with water color - I get a soft water color look, and I don't smell the "odorless" mineral spirits (yes, even if it says it's 'odorless' - an you can still smell it!).

As for the images shown in this posting.... the first card was created using gamsol - the second with watercoloring. Not much of a difference, huh?!?!