October 12, 2007

Fun Filled Friday - I've Been RAK Slapped!!!!

I have been RAK slapped!!!! Slapped with RAK's this week from girlfriends all around the world... and even by myself. Here are all the goods I've received recently.... such a RAK Whore I am....

This 1st RAK along has made me the RAK Whore I am...tee hee.... This bunch of tags was actually a class held by Teri - which was to make 10 Christmas Tags (for her DL's only)... Ms. Wini was kind enough to make a batch for ME. What a sweetie, eh?!?!

The next RAK, I received from Mo!!! Mo is 1/2 of "Jus Scrap" - she is also a Sistah here in Hawaii. She sent me this card, and that cute bee die cut, if you're wondering is of the new Cuttle Kid's batch of die cuts. Can't wait to get my hands on some of them - I mean, Cyrus' hands on some of them (I am actually buying them for him...tee hee...) - so cute, ya?!

What a surprise that I got the other day - from Jennifer Valeri... I have been "Boo'd" the lil' baggie says... such a cute idea. I'm "booing" others in the next few weeks too!!! Thanks Jennifer for this generous RAK of Halloween Goodies!!! I was totally surprised!!!!

I was also "Boo'd" by my Sistah-In-Da-Hood, Ms. Teri... check this out... she got me this super cute stamp set from Paper TreY... I have yet to get them ink'd up!!! Maybe this weekend, I'll be able to make something with this cute set. And her card - too cute... Teri always has such cute stuffs - love the die cuts, just love them all.

Last week - Jodie came over to my house, and this girl always comes with cards made for me... so sweet!!! Here are the 3 that she brought over. Check out that card with the butterflies - she used only 1 stamp for that entire card.... how creative, eh?!?!

This next RAK here is soo cute n' funny!!! Debbie of "Studio Bee Creations"... let me explain.... her card... too funny!!! After Debbie watched my "Xyron" tutorial, she emailed me a comment stating that she heard "running water" - I told her it was my "aquarium" running in the background.... she sent me a card with lil' fishy, and the bag totally looks like it's filled with water (but it's actually a gel product). Along with her very cute card, she sent me some fishy socks!!!! How sweet is that?!?!?! I'm totally tickled - cause my house is A/C, and I totally need socks around this place. I will take a picture of me in these socks, when I put them on later this week.... Thanks Ms. Debbbbeeeeee

This awesome card here was sent in by Phoebe - she too is a local girl here in Hawaii, but on another island. I have never met her physically - but we've chatted online via email.... I can't tell you how many lovely ladies I've become friends with, and some of them right here in my back yard, that I've never met before. So cool!!! Thanks for your awesome card, Phoebe!!!

My next RAK was received from my Upline 2 levels up.... Candi girl sent me this card, it's too cute!!!!! Thanks for this card, Candi - I totally love it!!!!

Now with all these beautiful RAK's - you would've thought that I'd have enough of what I've already got right?! Well.... no... I had to RAK myself too!!! I received my very 1st order from "Cat's Pajama's"... although one of the stamp sets that I ordered is on backorder, I am very happy about the ones that were sent to me. Can't wait to use these babies....

Hope you're all having an awesome Aloha Friday!!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Hugs n' Aloha,