September 5, 2007

A Video Tutorial: Using A Hot Knife

Okay gals, since I'm "pau" (finished, done, ka-putt) with the project I worked on for Charlie (it was a display for the upcoming seminar we will be attending this weekend in Maui. I'll share that project later. I worked on a lil' tutorial on using a Hot Knife. If you haven't used a hot knife, you might be one thinking, "gee.... what do a use a hot knife for?!" Well, a hot knife is great for cutting Styrofoam, foam board or in my case cutting creative cling foam when unmounting wood mounted rubber stamps to use on acrylic blocks. It eliminates the stickiness that a scissor would create, and it can get a lot closer of a cut than a scissor can. Below is my video tutorial. Hope you enjoy it. My next video tutorial that I am working on will be on Heat Embossing, as requested by Ms. Rita of Rita's Lil' Corner. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!