September 7, 2007

A Small Kine Tutorial: Using My Xyron Making Charlie's Display Board

We're heading to Maui!!! It's for a work thingy for my hubby. He sweetly asked me to do a display board for his company's booth... I could NOT decline!!! It gave me a chance to buss out my Xyron 900 Machine, that I've used maybe once or twice. It sits under my computer desk, waiting patiently to be used. Patience is a virtue... it truly paid off for this baby. She was proudly used. While I created this board... I thought - "VIDEO!"... gotta show the gurlz. I know it's only something simple to do with the Xyron, which means I will have more Xyron videos to come in the future, showing other ways to use this beauty. But for now... just something real basic of this machine. No worry Rita, I will work on that Heat Emboss video as soon as I return! =0)

Before I post the video, here are photos of what the display board turned out like.

Fort this board... I used my Cricut "Alphalicious" "George Fonts" my Xyron machines - 900, 500 and the smallest one to adhere EVERYTHING on EVERYTHING including to the board itself. I used CS from TAC - they came in handy at the right time. I got the logos off of the Internet.... "FUJITSU" was also from the Internet, which I hand cut precisely to it's beauty. The Sstarbursts... they are Charlie n' my own. He made the one under "21 SEER", I made the one under "ULTRA QUIET".

Ok... it had to be a professional looking board, cause it is for a reputable air condition company... plus I don't want to catch some slack from my man. But to tell ya the truth, if I had it my way... images would be tilted, and ribbons would be tied everywhere.... oh and flowers... oh my.... I would HAVE to stick flowers SOMEWHERE..... EVERYWHERE maybe even..... oh good lord, can you JUST IMAGINE??! I know you could... but I thought I'd help ya.... so I did this lil' thing on what the board WOULD'VE looked like if I was able to use my CREATIVITY... here it is....

Now this is more like it.... huh?!?! Too bad it's only something I wished would've happen. Yep - I think this would've got way more attention if it was placed in their booth. Don't cha agree?!?! Well, this fantasy board of mines was incredibly created using my "Memory Mixer" program which is created by Lasting Impressions. I tell ya what - this impression will definitely last with me longer. I'm happy that I got to play with it this way... at least it satisfied my hunger of re-creating this display board.

Now for my video.... enjoy!!!!

May you all have an awesome weekend!!!!