September 22, 2007

Simply Sweet Saturday 2

I finished another simply sweet card - same layout as the last one, but this one, I took a little dare. A dare of creating a "Halloween" type of card, but for maybe someone that celebrates their birthday on Halloween? Is anyone celebrating their birthday on Halloween? Do you want this card? Sign up for my BDay RAK club - and you might just be that lucky person!!!! The other dare I did as you can see was to color the pumpkins pink. I really love pink n' chocolate. My Teri-Berri loves this color combo, and I have grown to love it too. And I thought.... if there can be green & pink crabs, pink zebras, why no pink pumpkins?!?!!? Well... you tell me what you think - here's what they look like.

I used the same layout as the previous post.... told ya I loved making this type of card. Because I have the Cricut, I could really use whatever size circle I want on the coluzzle, and then just cut the size of the circle and scallop that I want from my Cricut. The size of my scallop is 2-1/4" and my circle is 2" - both cut from my Cricut. Stamps are from TAC's Pumpkins. I masked the middle pumpkin, and had the other "gals" stamped to the side of the middle pumpkin. You can't tell by the photo, but my white card stock actually has sparkles in them. I totally love using my watercolor pencils.... I get better results than what I used with the regular pencils and gamsol. But, that doesn't mean I've given up on that one... I will keep trying. For now, watercoloring is my forte.

Ok all... I'm off to take my lil' man outside to play. I'll be thinking of a challenge for tomorrow's "Sham Battle" while out in the sun. Hope you're all having an awesome Saturday!!!