September 16, 2007

Pssst! Have you heard?! I've got GREAT RAK's....

Just wanted to feature some great RAK's I've received a couple of weeks ago til' most recently. I have been blessed with many talented ladies that have entered my life since I started blogging, and now since I've gotten my wings. I totally appreciate everyone's hard work and efforts that went into creating these RAK's.... it feels great to be surrounded by thoughtful and caring friends!!! Thank you all so much!!!!

These 3 were created by my talented downline, Jodie. Jodie is a local girl here in Hawaii, and just one sweet n' funny girl like me! She and I hit it off since our first meeting, and I totally love this girl. She has a keen eye for creation, and a knack for just taking this n' that n' puttin' it all together with a shabang!!! She is a co-writer for "Jus Scrap" with our other sistah, Mo - and has recently started up her own site to feature her Angel stuffs. Thanks Jo!!!

This very adorable one was made by my customer, Pam. Pam is also Teri's cousin. See how cool Hawaii is? We're just one big lump sum of family and friends, and just an entire circle of stamping crazed ladies. Anyways, I love the cute adorable angel that Pam used. It's a simply sweet card - Thanks Pam!!!

This lovely card here was created by Ms. Rita of Rita's Lil' Corner. She sent this to me for my 13th wedding anniversary. What a dear sweetie! She even sent me some images from Gina K's "Make A Wish" stamp set. WOWZER!!! I can't wait to use them. Rita did a magnificent job on her lovely card. I especially love it because it came from her heart.... such a loving gesture!! Thanks Rita!!!

I received this card from Mary of TAC - she sent it to welcome me to the family.... how cool!!! Thanks so much Mary!!! Plenty of hugs n' aloha your way!!!!

This gorgeously created card was created by my newest friend, Cami. She met me online - found me on this blog thing, and later found out that we lived merely blocks away from each other!! She's down to earth, a fun and lovable gal. Check out how gorgeous her card is - isn't it a beauty? Broke da eye, ya?! Thanks Ms. Cami!!!!

This next card is from another downline and friend of mines...Jana. Jana is my 1st sign up for TAC... tee hee... we have grown to know one another - she's funny, and has a great business mind. This girl has plenty of ideas, and she's just waiting to pop them out. She also creates "Tear Animals" which I'm totally fascinated about... it's just a wonder how they are created. The time alone would take longer to create a stamped card. Go on over and see more great tear animal stuffs that she's created - you'll be amazed!!! Thanks Jana!!!

This card here was created by Sara. What a sweet n' simple card, huh?! Sometimes the simple ones are the best ones to create. I love the colors she used and her textured paper is just like TAC's. =0) Thanks Sara, it's gorgeous!!!

This cute card here was created by Sherry Y of NC. She sent it to me back in July.... sorry I'm late Sherry!!! It's a flag created with strips of paper! I've never thought of that... lovely creation Sherry!!

Finaly, last but not least.... a joy fold card from my sistah, Teri. I love the bold colors and the ds paper that she used. I could never get tired of this ds paper. The funny thing is - I have tons of them, but yet, I can't bring myself to use them. ARGH!!! Thank You Ms. Teri for a very sweet n' dainty card. The butterfly I totally love... it's bold and it's beautiful! The sentiment... just splendid. I taught Teri to make the joy fold card, although she could've gotten it off of Beate's blog, she had rather gotten a "live" demonstration from me instead.... but I was totally happy to do it!!! To receive it back... that's like a teacher's most happiest honor!!! Thanks for this card, Teri... although the butterfly is missing 1 antennae - it still found it's way to my heart!!

I think you can now agree that from seeing all of these... I've got great RAK's, eh?!

Thanks for stopping by! I didn't do any creating this weekend, as I've been cutting stamp sets, planning for my October sessions, and the Thunderbirds were flyin' around town yesterday. I will have a posting of that later - so come back again soon!!!

Hugs n' Aloha,