September 21, 2007

Last of the Post It Notes....

Aloha All...

How is everyone's Friday going?! It's the end of the work day here in most of Hawaii....( and probably already Saturday in some places of the world) today, I spent the day with my SIL and her son. She came on over, and hung out with me. I completed 2 more post it notes for donating to my LOL sistah - so that she can sell for her friend that has cancer. The kids made the house a mess - but it's ok, they were both having a great time, and that's all that matters. When I went to take my SIL and her son home, Cyrus was so sad and tired. He was bawling on the way to their house. As we got closer - he got louder. When we dropped them off, he still was crying.... but I got him out of that as soon as I started counting trees along the way.... "1....2.....3....4.....5....6.... (I saw a smile on his face by this time)....7....8.....9.....when are these trees going to stop?" I asked... by then he was giggling, and pointing to the trees saying, "right there - right there - and there another tree!!!"... such a sweetie. By the time we got to Chazz' school, he was knocked out - and snoring.

So anyways, here I am posting the last of the 'post it notes' that I've decorated. Used TAC's August Stamp of the Month. I thought this was a pretty cute set - glad I was able to get them. You can always earn the SOTM set when you purchase TAC products of $30 or more. So, if you're interested in knowing what the SOTM for this month is - check out my sidebar, under "My Angel Section". After decorating these cuties - I've wrapped them up prettily in cellophane, and added an organdy ribbon to each. Mama Wini came by to pick them up - thanks Sweet Mama!!!

Now, since the baby is sleeping - I better take advantage of this time to create... so thanks for stopping by!!

See ya all tomorrow!!!