September 6, 2007

JT's Monthly RAK Club - September Sign Ups

ETA - More Sign Ups....scroll down....

Aloha Ladies...

Here are the sign ups for the month of September.... last day is tomorrow - you still got time if you wanna join the fun!!!! If you signed up and don't see your name here, send me an email to boink me on the head and let me know. Thanks gals!!! Oh yea, don't get confused now... there is a "Bday RAK Club" and a "JT RAK Club" that I have going on. "Bday RAK's" are sent entirely up to you - and you'll need to click on the calendar in the right sidebar to view whose celebrating their birthday this month. For "JT's RAK Club" - you need to sign up monthly, and I will match everyone up with someone to RAK.

Ok... here's the list of participants:

Amber Basham Robson
Dawn Rumin
Teri Suzuki
Rhonda Favreau
Nancy Elrick
Pat Sergeant
Corie Foster
Cheryl Sims
Florence Savarese
Alexis Ridgway
Tracy Houghton
Dawn Easton
Jodie Cole
Samantha Jensen
Deb Golan
Jennifer Griffin-Valeri
Rita Santos
Jen Young
Jayne Converse

More Sign Ups:

Debbie Harris
Liann Mailangi
Janaina Oliveira
Charly Weaver
Melissa Schabel
Diana Crick
Lorrie R. Brewer
Malieta West
Debbie Harris

Kathy Foy