September 28, 2007

Fun Filled Friday - RAK's Received

Aloha All.... It's "Fun Filled Friday" here on "Pieces of Me" and I thought why not fill today's postings with all these fun RAK's that I've received?!?! This week, I have been blessed with all these awesome cards surprisingly showing up in my mailbox!! What a delightful treat to get all of these creations.... I feel so special!!!

First off..... I received this RAK from Melissa of What Do you (Th)ink? (Very cute... I made the mistake of going to "" and that site is empty - kinda strange rather, and I went "hmmmm..." then I looked at the url again, and I was wrong... no need the "th"). Check out Melissa, she's got some great stuffs to share with us all!!! Melissa sent me this RAK as she was my RAK'r for my JT RAK for the month of September. Thanks Melissa....

This RAK here was sent to me by Corie of Creations By Corie. Do you know Corie? I know you know Corie - we ALL know Corie, right?! She leaves the sweetest remarks on my postings, and is such a warm welcoming person. How could you not know Corie?.... I'm going to start a Corie collection! This is the 2nd creation I got from this gal....and I know it's going to keep growing! Thanks Corie - you're so sweet!!!

Here is a RAK from Deb a.k.a "StampingGranny" - such a sweet adorable card, don't cha think??!! Right now, StampingGranny is having a blog challenge - there is a long time til' it ends, so you might want to go check it out. I think I just might (if I can think of a 2 way card thing-a-ma-bob)... it should be fun!! Deb has RAK'd me to let me know how much she appreciate's my aloha spirit...... how sweet!!!! Thank you Deb for this awesome card creation! I love these adorable die cut flowers and how you scuffed the sentiment part - it has a "burnt" look to it.... totally love it!!!

This next RAK is from Lorrie Brewer - WOW - she's RAKin' me as a "Thank You" for the RAK I sent her for the JT RAK of September. This is optional for anyone to do this, therefore for Lorrie to be doing this is such a sweet gesture on her part. Thanks sweetie!!!!

Last but not least... this beauty of a card sent to me by Rita of Rita's Lil' Corner. I had to take a closer photo of this one, cause as you can see.... Rita created this Lion with only paper pieces. The lion's mane is made of a paisley die cut, the rest are various circle punch sizes. Awesome creation!!! Rita, this is so neat, and so sweet of you to send to me. Pretty cool, eh?!?!!

Thank you all so very much for your sweet kind gestures in sending me a piece of you.... and now I get to share them all on "Pieces of Me".... it's very meaningful, and heartwarming to receive all of these thoughtful creations. You're all so wonderful. Have an awesome weekend!!!