September 19, 2007

For The Love Of Stampin' and Scrappin'

Ok... some of the local girls are thinking, "Now What, Jen?!?!".... ok, let me explain... this site - "For The Love of Stampin' & Scrappin' " was created about a year ago, to date, by your's truly. Well, I THOUGHT I shut the site down... and I just thought I'd look it up again, type in the url... and "WHOLY MOLY!!!!" - the site is still ACTIVE!!!!! I went into my account, and found that the site is paid in full til' the year 2009!!! Oh my goodness ladies....

SO... for all of you that were members of the site - you are still members, and you have not been deleted. Just log right back in, and check it out. If you forgot what your login is, I think you just need to request for your login and password by clicking on the "retrieve/forgot password" button.

Ummmm.... for those that don't know what "For The Love of Stampin' & Scrappin" site is... it is basically an "ALOHA" version of SCS There is a forum to post comments, swaps, challenges, tips of stamping and scrapping, and a gallery for all to post their creations. Anyways.... it's a free site with free membership. You can check out the site, and roam around freely - but if you'd like to post a comment or photo in the gallery, you'll need to sign up for membership. I figured that we might as well put that baby to good use since it's already paid for. So - if you don't have a blog, and would like to share your creation of your photos - feel free to utilize the gallery I have on there.

Click this button here to go there now:

I will post this link in my sidebar for future references. I'll be back to post some creations I've been working on. My cable company has been having some problems, therefore my internet and phone has been on an off n' on status which is pretty much irritating me. So I didn't get to post anything yesterday. But will do in a lil' bit.

Thanks for stopping by!!!