September 19, 2007

Finally!!! Creations....

Ok stampin' sisters... I am so pooped!!! I was going to post my creations right away - but got side tracked by visiting some fabulous blogs out there... just had to - everyone is doing a great job keeping their sites up to par. Whether you post now n' then, at least you're still doing it, KWIM?!

You know - my collection of stamps is so huge... sometimes I may go a year (or 2) without ever using a stamp that I thought I bought just yesterday. I have to set some goals here.... so I'm thinking of using stamps of 1 or 2 same companies throughout each week. However, being that I am a TAC rep - I will throw in a TAC product wherever and whenever I do create with them. With that being said... I will start this week off with... you guessed it - TAC products.

I have been decorating some 3x3 memo pads for one of my friends that is part of the LOL club (Lady of Leisure). The great thing is that they are creating some projects to sell to benefit a family friend that has cancer. I figure if I can make at least 10 items to sell, that's the least I can contribute. I did have a great time creating them too - so that's always a plus.