September 1, 2007

Blog Sister Alert!!!

Greetings All...

Got some new blog sistahz to introduce you to.....

  • Hawaiian Angels - By Jodie Cole... my aloha girlfriend and a new TAC downline of mines.... yipee-ay-yay!!! she has started her own "angel" blog. Looking forward to all of her creations!!! Yay Jo - You Go!!!
  • Whimsical Thoughts - By Toni Perez.... Our newest blogging sistah! Please stop on over to visit Toni, and let her know that we are a bunch of crazy fun loving sistahz!!! She's going to love everyone's welcome!!!
  • Treasure Oiler Designz - By Dawn Easton.... This girl has got some pretty cool creations on her site - stop on by and see for yourself, you'll know what I mean!!!
Welcome ladies... the addiction has JUST begun!!!