September 29, 2007

Answering Deb's (Stamping Granny's) Question.....

Hi All! On "TuTech Thursday" Deb (Stamping Granny) said & asked a question:

Such a cool video Jen! I had purchsed the Zyron Personal Die Cutting System when it first came out and it was such a nightmare! I returned it! This Curcuit looks very functional and none of those books to insert! Does it come loaded with the software for different dies, or do you purchase them and add them in somehow? Thanks Jen for taking the time to share this! Great cards as a result too! Hugs, Deb

I say....:

Thanks for your question Deb! A great question that I too had when I first thought about investing in this product. The Cricut actually works by inputting a cartridge that has many different designs for cutting. The cartridge goes into a slot, each cartridge comes with a keypad that matches up with all the designs. You just press the design you want, select the size of the image you want, and then press cut. The Cricut comes with 1 cartridge, and the Cricut Expression comes with 2 cartridges! The Cricut will cut up to 5-1/2" while the Cricut Expression cuts up to 11-1/2" (that's why you get 2 cartridges, cause it's double the size!!!!). One of the other factors of why I purchased this product is because in the back of the machine, there is a USB port. Which means, in the future - the makers of Cricut may allow their users to possibly use this baby with our computer - wow, can you imagine the possibilities?!?!!

Anyways, I think I went a little over board with answering your question, Deb. Hope it helped!!!