September 2, 2007

20K Hits Answers & Winners

What great fun!!! I totally loved seeing everyone's answers to this little game I had going for my 20K hits giveaway. Such Fun!!!! I decided to post some of the funny answers I received in parentheses.

Here are the answers:

  • icokbosrapgn = scrapbooking
  • seobms = emboss
  • tnpglwieehe = white gel pen (pet wheeling, wheeling pet, white pen leg, white pengle, teping wheel - like "taping wheel" - hahaha....) **a lot had difficulties with this one... =0)
  • adcktrocs = cardstock (crockstack...hmm?)
  • esehmlinletmb = embellishement
  • nbirob = ribbon
  • ealwcrcorslonitpe = water color pencils (new colors)
  • rttlieg = glitter
  • ucdstei = die cuts (stencil)
  • btsasrbmupre = rubber stamps (stamp scrubber)

Here is what Charlie bought me for our 13th anniversary...

and the winners are....

Tammy Bierwagon & Dee Simonds

Thanks for playing all!!