August 24, 2007

A Tutorial: Convert Your Wheels to Flats....

ETA: Questions Asked....scroll down to bottom of posting....

I am totally loving all of the submittals that everyone is sending for the unscrambling of words of the previous post. You are all doing a great job, and coming up with some funny words too. Keep them coming - you all crack me up!!!

Oy Vey... this post is for those that want to save on space, and that is ME, ME, ME!!!! I met up with one of my girlfriend's, Gina Kusao, and she shared this info with me. She and I are both collectors of tons n' tons of stamps, and we both don't ever want to get rid of them (by reselling), so we build up on our collection, and keep on buying and building. Anyways, I had tons of wheels that filled at least 1 drawer full.... ugh!!! I want to buy more... but then the drawer would over fill... ho hum... anyone with this problem?

Along comes Gina girl... she goes, "Jen, just take the rubbah off the wheel"... I say, "WOT?!", she goes, "Yea, das what I did... take 'em off, and now I use 'em more!!".... {{{I had a blank look on my face.... wha chu mean? I stay thinking.... }}} she goes, "take off the rubbah, and put the cling foam on... it's dat easy!"... {{{me: smilin'... smirking... jumping for joy!!!!}}} "I going home, and do 'em right now... and den share wit da gurlz"...

Thanks Gina for sharing this with me... I am eternally grateful - and now, I'm sure other's will be as grateful as I am of you... YOU ROCK, Sistah!!!! And now, here is how Gina told me to do it:

Get your wheels n' Xacto knife...

Cut at the seam... I cut twice, just to make sure it goes all the way through the rubbah....

Now, peel off the rubbah.... it EASILY comes right off!!!

You'll see some guck left on the wheel, and some might even be left on the back part of the rubbah too - but not to fear, that doesn't affect your stamp at all. {{{Yikes!!! Looks like I didn't clean off this stamp very good after my last use!!!}}}

Now attach the rubbah to your Creative Cling Foam - just as shown.

You can then adhere to your acrylic block (size 4-3/4" x 7"), which fits purrrfect... and then ink with any of your ink pads that you have on hand. I am using Color Box's White... YUMM-O!!!

When you stamp - you'll be able to see exactly where you're stamping... no need to use a guide anymore! =0)

The results... just as good, or maybe even better!??!?!

Hmmmm..... what da ya think?!?!

Thank you again, Gina... cause I just went from a drawer FULL of wheels....

To 1 folder full instead.... this folder holds 4 Jumbos and 1 Small wheels per side - that's 10 wheels per page total. I have 40 wheels in this folder (so far), and still filling them pages....

Heather S. asked:

One question, I love this idea, I've been slowly working on going unmounted with all my stuff, but how are you attaching them in a folder?

Hey Heather, great question!! The cling foam that you attach to your rubbah will easily cling to the storage boards that go into your 3 ring binder. Boards come in 2 different colors - black (1 board in a pack) & white (3 boards in a pack).

Sheila D. Staves asked:

One question: have you ever tried using the ink cartridge on the flattened out wheel?

Hey Sheila, nope - I haven't tried it... if you do, please share and let us know the results.