August 29, 2007

A Tutorial & A Card: Layering & Cutting Paper To Size

Hello my peeps.... my DL and friend, Janaina has asked me to do a tutorial on how to cut paper to the size of the stamp, as well as layering thereafter. So, this one's for you, Janaina and those out there that are new to stamping....

I first begin by measuring the size of my stamp. If your stamp is mounted, you can still do this. Infact, it is easier if it is mounted to wood, as I would just use the size of the wood as the measurement. Anyhoos.... I measure this way first, which is the height of the stamp
it isn't exactly 2", but I measure to the nearest inch or 1/4 inch, therefore this would be 2"


Then turn the stamp 90 degrees, and then measure this way - which is the length, and it is nearly 3".

So, the first layer of card stock or paper that I would cut would be 2" x 3" - because this would be suffice to fit the entire image of my stamp.

Now for the layering. I usually like to stamp my image on white card stock, so I will start with that layer. From the above measurements, I know that I need to cut my first layer at 2" x 3". That is exactly what I do here.

For my layering, I measure every 1/4" there after (whether I am going larger or smaller), since I am going larger in this tutorial, I will cut my next layer at 2-1/4" x 3-1/4". I only use 2 layers in this tutorial, but should you want to go 1 more layer, your next measurement to cut would be at 2-1/2" x 3-1/2", or if you'd like to go smaller, then 1-3/4" x 2-3/4".

I then stamped my image, layer on card stock, and then dressed up the rest of the card. Here is what I made with the stamp, and card stocks that I used for this tutorial.

I made this card for my sister Nasha. She's my real sister, who lives in California. She's been helping me out with the shipment of my TAC starter kits not only for myself - but also for all those that are signing up under me, that lives in the State of Hawaii. Shipping would've been $65, but because they are shipping to her first in Cali, and then to Hawaii, we're saving $25 - which can totally go towards MORE STAMPS.... what else? hahaha....

Which by the way, brings me to tell ya that I would like to welcome a New Angel to my Team of Angels!!!! Yeee Haw!!!! Her name is Velma Okumura (Hi Velma!!!), and she's a sistah from Honolulu, Hawaii. That makes 4 Angels on my team!!! Holy Moly!!!! I'm totally grateful for all of these ladies that has decided to join me on my journey..... totally grateful!!!

OKie Dokie... Charlie asked me to help him with a "work project" - oh wow, how cool is that?! So, I might be absent from blogging for a few days. But, I will try n' be sneaky, and post when I can.... I also have my first "Birthday FUNshop" this Friday night. Me n' some stamping girls are getting together for Teri's belated birthday fun, and I'm going to Demo some TAC products that evening. What a great idea, eh?! Wini' n' I came up with the idea of celebrating Teri's birthday at Wini's house, and Wini is so graciously giving up her hostess benefits and allowing the birthday girl to be the hostess instead... if you're interested in something like this for your stamping sister that is celebrating her birthday, contact me for more info!!!!