August 27, 2007

A Tutorial: Blog Tip - Adding A Email Code

I've received several emails asking how to add an email link to my sidebar, and have decided that to help all of you that's been asking, that I'd do a tutorial in showing how I did this. If you are interested in finding out... read on...

First, you need to create a code first, which can be done by clicking here: Email Encoder

You will see this screen:

On the 1st line - type in your email.

On the second line you would enter what your display text would be, in this tutorial - I've entered "Send Me An Email".....

In the 4th line you enter the "Subject Text" - I entered, "Just Sending A Note...." - when you receive this email in your inbox, it helps you determine that it is an email from someone sending an email to you through your blog.

Now press the "encode" button, and your code will be created for you in the box right below that button.

This next screen shot shows the code in the bottom portion, after I've pressed the button.

Now move your cursor over the section with the code, and hold your "ctrl" + "a" buttons down to highlight all. Then hold your "ctrl" + "c" buttons down to copy all.

Now go back to blogger, in the edit section of your blog, click on "Add A New Page Element", and you are going to choose the element that you can add an "html" (click "add to blog" button as shown in the screen shot).

In this next screen, you will see another screen pop up after clicking the "add to blog" button - and it'll be a blank screen, you will the put your cursor in the screen, and hold your "ctrl" + "v" buttons down together to drop the code or paste the code into this blank screen. (I like to think of the "v" like it's dropping something - that's how I remembered this code at first).

The last step is to save this code, and you do this by clicking on the "save changes" button.

You should then see your email link in your sidebar, where ever you've placed it. It's always a good idea to create the link as such, to keep spamming robots away from sending you junk emails.

I hope you found this tutorial worth your while. Although it's not a crafty one, I figured it could help out in our blogging world. I'm pretty sure it could work with all blogging programs, including typepad, as long as you have a section to input your "html code" - it'll work just fine.