August 20, 2007

Submittals for "All Kine Ways" Challenge

ETA: More Submittals 8/17/07:

***This challenge is over.... after my open house today (8/20) I will have Chazz pick a name out of a bucket. Stay tuned.... I'm posting Sweet Candi Pieces later today (if I get back on before blogger goes down at 4 PST today!!!)

Good Luck To All!!!!

Here are the submittals (not in any particular order):

From Teri:

From Cheryl:

From Teri:

From Deb (stampingranny):

From Carla:

From: Monika

From Maria Bell:

From Jana Oliveira:

From Cindy Vernon:

These 4 are From Shir:

From Adrian:

From Flossie:

These 2 are from Malieta:

These 4 are from Corie:

Did I miss anybody?! Please email me and let me know - or leave me a comment here if I missed your artwork!!! Thank you all - you all did great creations. Keep them coming!!!

Hugs n' Aloha,