August 16, 2007

RAKs from Angels

Ever since joining the TAC team, I have been showered with RAK's from Angels all around... it's so sweet to have girlfriends like all of you!!!

This RAK here is from my upline - Nancy Grant. Nancy simply sent me a TAC catalog, and I was hooked!! Her very pretty card, is filled with aloha. She even sent me some Bella images, so cool!!! This card was to welcome me on to her team of angels - and I'm totally thrilled about it. What a Sweet Treat and a delight to find in my mailbox, eh?!

This next card is from another Angel, whose name is Eleanor Abril. She sent me this card to welcome me to TAC as well! How cool, huh? It was so sweet of her to send me this.... I was totally surprised!!! The chickie looks so cute and that lil' "aloha" tag... so adorable!!!

This batch of card fronts were sent to me by Candi who is my 3rd level upline!!! Say What?!?! Yes, she sent me a batch of these cards for samples, and just to get me started on a collection of creations. I'm sooo thankful for all of these, and am thrilled to receive all these RAK's.

All of these cards are going to make great samples for my upcoming Open House this weekend. Thank you all so very much!!! You've all made me feel so welcome, and right at home with TAC.

Much Aloha,