August 16, 2007

a RAK from Nancy Elrick to Phoebe Scovel and Blog Sistah Alert!!!

Aloha All!!!

Here is a RAK that was made by Nancy of Nancy's Creative Mess, whom she made for Phoebe. Phoebe is a loyal reader of mines, and doesn't have a blog (just yet!), therefore, I am showing what she's received for her. Anyone else in this situation is very welcome to send me a photo of the RAK they've received, and have me post for them - this is not a problem at all - as long as it is sent in jpeg or gif format (those are the ways that blogger accepts them). So anyways, Phoebe is very happy with what Nancy sent her, and said that Nancy has done a great job!!! Thank you ladies for both of your participations!!!!

While I'm here posting, thought I'd also let ya know that I've added 2 more chick-a-dees to my ever growing list of Blog Sistahz. Laura of Crafty Laura is crafty in all sorts of alleys - so check out what she's got, and see for yourself. The 2nd blog sistah I've added is Tamara of Sketches she's got some pretty cool sketches going on over there, both for cards as well as scrapbook layouts, and they are worth checking out!!! So, go on over, and introduce yourselves, make them feel at home.... I'm trying to add a "drop down" menu for my blog sistah section - so if you know how to do this....please send me a "psst" email and share....

I hope y'all have a great evening, and see ya all tomorrow!!!