August 10, 2007

NEW Element: Birthday RAK Club....

Aloha All...

Here's another fun thing I've added to my sidebar. I've created a calendar, so that those that would like to share their birthdays, and receive a RAK on their birthday can do so! Here's how it works....

1. First, send me an email including the following information:
  • Your Full Real Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Birthdate (year is optional)
  • Web Address (If you have one)

2. Upon receiving your email, I will then add your info to the calendar.

3. After your information has been upload to the calendar, I will send you an email to confirm you've been added, and will be provided with the password to access the calendar. (I've made it password protected, so that the general public can't get a hold of our very private mailing addresses).

4. You can then access the calendar, and is free to check birthdays of members that are also in this Birthday RAK Club...and RAK away!!!

Here are some of the general the rules:

  • Birthday RAK Club is open to ALL Bloggers and Readers located in USA (Alaska n' Hawaii too!!!) and CANADA. 1/2/08 Update - ETA: AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, ITALY, FRANCE and ENGLAND.
  • It is up to you as to whom you choose in any of the months to RAK.
  • You do NOT have to RAK everyone who is celebrating their birthday in that month.
  • If you are joining this club just to RECEIVE a RAK - this club is not for you. You must be willing to send RAK's as well. ***BEWARE - You will be caught!!! (hee hee...)
  • Using addresses within the calendar for advertising your business - other words known as "SPAMMING" is absolutely NOT allowed!!! You will be immediately DELETED from the club with no remorse if caught SPAMMING!!! (I say this with a smile!).
  • If you've received a birthday RAK - please don't forget to thank those that sent it to you..... it's always nice to hear that you've received it on the other end.
  • RAKr's - make sure you provide your contact info for the receiver within their card - so that they can contact you for a "Thanks". Don't leave them guessing.....

That's about it for now. Will add more if anything else comes up.

Thanks in advance for joining!!!