August 27, 2007

A Mr Crabby-Pants Card n' Blabbering

Happy Monday All...

Beginning today - I'm going to try something different with my time schedule. I would usually stay on the computer in the mornings, and then do house stuffs later in the afternoon..... well, today I switched it. I think I'm going to try the house stuffs in the morning first, and then the free time stuffs afterwards. It feels like I've gotten more done.... but that's just today. I can't say for sure right? Check back on me a week from now.

Anyways, my brunch with friends yesterday went well. We had a great time eating, mingling, and catching up with everyone's life. I'm the old futty dutty, these kids are like 10 years younger than me. Hah! But I had a great time with all of them. These are some of my friends that I used to work with.... the guy on the left is the outcast. He's Tiffany's (far right) boyfriend Mark (who by the way are both the Godparents of my Cyrus)....and Kyle is the dude sitting right next to me. The girl to the left is my girl Kristy. We hung out for about 1-1/2 hours... it was good, the weather was awesome, and the company was just marvelous!!! We all ate a "just right" meal - actually, because I took some of mines home, I think mines was a "too much" meal, huh?

If you haven't heard - Flossie won my "Flutter's" giveaway from my "Angels of Hawaii" site. Yay Flossie!!! You lucky gal!!!!

Today I have this very cute card to share with ya. I worked with Crabby Pants and thought that I'd like to use this color combo that I seen on someone's blog... for the life of me, I can't remember whose blog it was. I even posted a comment like "I want to try this color combo soon" on there too. Hahaha. If it is you, please come forward, and let me know - I'd like to recognize you for giving me this inspiration. =0) On with the details of the card. I look at it... like the color combo, but feel that I'm missing the card base should be embossed. Am I just addicted to CB embossing folders? Well... I decided not to go with embossing, and just kept the card the way it looks. Why does my crab have measles? Well she doesn't... I just thought I'd put dots on her... hahhaa... thought she'd looked cuter that way. Kinda like a Cindy Crawford with mega beauty marks, ya know?! The green dots were created using my stylus tool, and light green acrylic paint. I freehand and eyeballed them all... sorry - I would love to use tools, but sometimes, it just takes too much time to take it out, and freehanding is so much quicker to do, yea - call me lazy, or maybe just gutsy? hahaha...

Anyways, I also took a close up photo of my Crabby Pants Crab, cause I wanted you to see the red stickles that I used on her claws. For all you local girlz, I bought the stickles from Jay's Knicknacks... Cliff has it priced at a great amount... something like 3 for $7... all I know is that I got 3 for less than $10, so I thought it was a great deal.

May everyone have an awesome week!!!