August 16, 2007

Mail Goodies Received!!!

Aloha All...

I have received some very cool RAK's these last few days, and I wanted to share them with ya!!!

This was created by my girlfriend Dawn in Michigan. She has a site called, "Dawn's Stamping Thoughts" on her site, she's got tons of stuffs to share, including some highlights of her daily life - she created this card using the stamp that she won from my blog candy that I put up for 15,000 hits!!! What a blessing. She's so sweet to use it right away, and send it my way. The very first use of this stamp was on MEEE!!! What an honor, I tell ya!!! Thanks sweetie!!!

This next RAK was received from Diana Crick. You know, the lady that owns n' sells "Scor-Pal". I feel famous. Diana had asked me a few months back to do some tutorials on her site, which I was honored to do so!! She already sent me a "Scor-Pal" tool to use, which I totally love.... (Hawaii girls - feel free to ask how this looks like, and to show you how), and now this very darling card. See? Wouldn't you feel famous too?! She pierced her card for the stem and leaves of the flower - I don't think I have that much patience to do piercing like that.... I will have to try it one day though. Everyone is worth a try!!! Thanks Diana, it's beautiful and I LOVE it!!!

Hope everyone has an awesome day today!!!