August 21, 2007

It's Time!!! 20,000 Hits Sweet Candi Pieces Giveaway.....

I bet you're thinking... "it's about time sistah!!!!"... yea, you were wondering when I was going to post these goods eh?! Well... I'm mighty grateful for all of you that come by and visit often, and even those of you that come by only when there is Sweet Candi Pieces to giveaway. I love your comments, and even though I can't reply to every single one of you - you all know that you have a special spot in my heart, and if I could I would - replying to you all would take me all day - and then some. I tried that a couple of times, found that I was not able to do alot of other stuffs that I HAVE to do... don't you wish there were more hours in a day?!?! I know I do. Or at least for us to be able to stay up all night?! It's too bad that we can't do drugs and be in the right state of mind and still create cute stuffs. If we could, man, I'd be high all day just so I could do it all. hahaha. not that I'm high at all. Actually, I am... it's called natural high. Ok, Ok, nuff already... here's what I have to give away. I have 2 sets of goods to give to 2 lucky sistahs out there... they look almost the same but really, they aren't. Click on the pics to get a better look at what they consists of...

For a chance to win these Sweet Candi Pieces... you must.... unscramble these words - email your answers to me at - if you post your answers here - they will be DELETED and you will not be counted in the drawing. All those with ALL correct answers will be entered into my drawing. I will have 2 names drawn on the 31st of August by Teri n' Wini (who we just so happen will be getting together with each other that night)... and will announce the winners on my 13th wedding Anniversary, which is September 3rd!!!

Take a guess as to what my Charlie has given me for our 13th Anniversary - if you are remotely close to what the item is, I will enter your name into my drawing 5 times!!!!

Good Luck... here are the words, they are words of our wonderful world of paper crafting....

  • icokbosrapgn
  • seobms
  • tnpglwieehe
  • adcktrocs
  • esehmlinletmb
  • nbirob
  • ealwcrcorslonitpe
  • rttlieg
  • ucdstei
  • btsasrbmupre
I look forward in seeing what everyone thinks up... good luck...oh, and by the way - I'm also giving away goods on my "Angels of Hawaii" site... stop on by and check it out!!!