August 21, 2007

I'm Baccckkkk... Blog Sistah Alert!!!!

Ok, now that my Open House Events are over...pau, kaputt... I'm BACK!!! I've got sooo much that I want to post between these two blogs, so you'll have to check back n' forth, left n' right, up n' down - but don't get dizzy.

First of all... Blog Sistah Alert!!!! A local girl this time... her name is Alisha, and for short, "Ali" - she's here in Hawaii, same island as me, and has found me online through my blog. She lives a couple of cities away - but I've already met her twice. The first time, we already hit it off - and by the time we met the 2nd time (which was at my open house), we were like friends from long time ago. She recently signed up with Stampin' Up!, and already has great ideas to share with us all. What timing too - she has BLOG CANDY to go on and check her out, drop the girl a line, and get a chance to win. Her site is called "Everyday Celebrations" and can be found here. I'm so happy that she's started her site - she's going to love all of you!!!!

Welcome Ms. Ali!!!