August 9, 2007

Creating without layers

I was feeling groovy, and wanted to experiment by creating without any layers. I used this TAC set called "Spring Dream" - it's a level "C" hostess set, which I've earned just for signing up with TAC in the month of August. Well, actually, I signed up somewhere the end of July, but my sweet adorable charming upline, Nancy called TAC and asked if they could throw in the 2 sets since the promotion was right around the corner. Wow!!! What a surprise I got. What a sweetheart!!! Thanks Nancy!!!

Well - I thought I'd fool around with this set... don't laugh ok?! I didn't really think it turned out ok... but you can tell me differ, if you think so. Anyways, so I made this card, and thought that it was finished, just like it is shown in the photo above. Hmmmm.... somethings missing, huh?! Too plain.... but this card actually sat on my table just like this for the last 2 days.

This morning, I decided to add more butterflies, and sentiments. I then ended up with my card looking like this. I even covered up that ink dash made by the side of my stamp with a butterfly. The top left corner of the card has a sentiment that says, "Abundance Is..." - but it looks messed up, so I covered it up with my watermark. (hahahha)..... I then added a sentiment to the lower right "celebrating life". Thought this was an appropriate sentiment for this card.

So what do you think? Please let me know if you think it sucks.... I'll try not to torture you all with cards like this again. hahaha....

Oh! BTW - I colored using my "Shimmers" chalk by i-kandee... it was pretty fun to use. It's too bad my camera didn't pick up all the shimmie-shines... don't try to look close either, it doesn't help.

Hugs to all...