August 11, 2007

Catching Up....

But first, a little update on what's been going on around here... this past Thursday, I headed to my SIL's house, and hung out with her n' her son. She is also a stamper, wants to get into it like crazy mad me, but is somehow in control of her addiction.... how can this be?! I brought over a folder of stamps (carrying 30 sets of stamps in one 3-ring binder is an ease!!!), and jumped into the TAC stuffs I got - just HAD TO share!!!! She was amazed, and am in love.... I see potential wings growing... I stamped some images for her to use, and she shared these really cute albums that she made using SU!'s DS paper.... I love these papers... she simply cut the ds paper to size, and slipped the papers in the front and back sleeves of the album - but by golly gee - they just add flavah to the albums, don't they?! Short story here... my SIL and I went to the same schools since elementary, grew up in the same city "Kalihi" - but didn't hang out with each other, she's 1 year younger than I am, throughout our school years and after - we didn't see, hear or even think about each other, until the day my BIL brought her home. Small world (or in this case, island!!!). Funny how the brothers like girls from Kalihi, huh?! Yee Haw!!!! But she's a great SIL, and glad that she shares the stampin' bug with me. SIL's like that are the best kine! =0)

Now some photos of our boys together....

aren't they too cute?!

Friday night, we attended a party at my uncle's because my cousin and her family is visiting here from California... Wendy is pretty crafty too - and reads my blog daily, but secretively at her office in the morning, gosh I sure hope her boss isn't reading this, cause he's now going to know, huh? hahahha.... (hi Wendy!!!)... anyways, I sat with Wendy about 1/2 of the night, but sorry, no headshots of us together... I totally forgot about it. What I did get though was this super cool deal that she surprised me with.... these 2 humongous bags of BUTTONS, they are about 2 pounds each!!!! She got them at a sale from one of those mainland stores up there - I totally love them mainland stores when they've got sales, cause they go down to $1 sometimes, and that is exactly how much she paid for each of these bags!!! What in the world?! If this bag was for sale here... it'll probably go for about $5 - $8 a bag.... so $1 a bag, man that's a outrageous steal!!! I'm totally stoked n' rich with buttons. Oh, and get this, she even gave me permission to give some away as Candi Pieces!!! Thanks Wendy - you're super cool!!!

This is a lil' something I made for Wendy's daughter Shelley. I saw this over on Dawn's website (Happy Blog Anniversary to Dawn, BTW - it's been 1 year of blogging for Ms. D! Keep up the great work, GF!!!!) - it's from a tutorial that Jenn Balcer posted on SCS called the 2, 5, 7, 10 box, looks more like a bag though. Well, while washing dishes - I of course had the brilliant idea of challenging myself, and creating for this challenge. I even put it up on my SCS Gallery - hahaha - did ya know that I am Jenesis7 on SCS?! Yep that's me... I laugh because I hardly ever upload to that gallery, ever since blogging got into my system - well, you know where that went!!!

Anyways, I used SU! ds paper for making the bag - same set my SIL used for her albums, the doggy is called "Shelley Sheepdog" from Whipper Snapper - one of my favorite of many WS stamps, the birdie is a Hero Arts stamps from a set of 4 birdie stamps, so cute - I immediately thought of using them 2 together, as they just go so well together. The "Friends" stamp is a TAC stamp from the set called "Word Play" (T-2015). Ribbon - Organdy Offray... Doggie n' Birdie were both colored using my H20 Color Crayons, and then blended with my aqua pen.

Ok... I'm shutting down. Enough blabbering from me, huh?! I have an OH event to plan, and have not quite started on anything yet...hahaha...

Thanks for popping by.... toodaloo!!!!