August 29, 2007

Best Blog Friend

Lookie here... isn't this cute?! Since blogging, I've met and made a lot of blogging sisters, and a lot became friends. It's funny how you can get to know someone, even though they are miles away. You can hear their voice, even though you've never heard it before. You can feel their pain, even though you've never knew their problems, and you can definitely hear their laughter - just by reading their emails. A lot of you have really touched my heart on one day or another... although I have to only pick 3 **sigh**, you know that if you're reading this, you are one of my best blog friends... first off, I'd like to mention the ladies who picked me as their "best blog friend" - who was Flossie - a very sweet n' lovely woman.... there's something about her that makes me feel like she's one of my "Aunties"...real down to earth, and a true sweetheart. My other best blog friend that has picked me is Dawn. This girl is my Michigan Sistah..... she's fun, she loves to laugh and loves to have fun, and definitely loves to love... reminds me of me! =0) Thank you ladies... I nominate you both right back!!! Now for my 3 choices....

  • Alison - Stampin When I Can: Ali is like my "Agent".. if it wasn't for her, my blog wouldn't have gotten noticed, and I would've still be in the "boonies" hoping for visitors. Ali found me, like a kid in "Kalihi" (yea, you probably haven't heard of this place, if you're not from Hawaii) - but that's just it... found me in a no-known part of the world, and brought me to Hollywood baby!!! She made me the supah-star that I am today. Tee hee... But the best part of Ali n' my friendship, is that we've been through a lot together. Funny... I've never met the girl (in person), but we've hugged many times.... we've laughed, cried, and then laughed and cried even harder.... she's one of the first that I got to know in Blogland, and I'm so happy that I'm a part of her HUGE circle of friends. Love ya, Ali-girl!!!
  • Corie - Creations By Corie: This girl has smothered me with love & friendship from the first time she left me a comment. She's like family, and she makes a great Best Blog Friend too!!! Hugs to you, Corie!!!!
  • Nancy - Inkcicles: Nancy has the biggest heart. She is so willing, giving and loving of all things. She n' I have started a friendship, that literally took off of the ground!!! I'm amazed by this woman, and everything about her is special to me. Thanks for stepping into my life, Sistah Nancy!!!
I want to list all of you.... because you're all so special to me, in all different ways. I think we're only allowed to pick 3 because there needs to be enough people for all of us to keep picking from. hahhaa... well - please know that I love you all, and you guys just ROCK!!!!

Have a happy day today... love to you all,