August 10, 2007

August's Hawaiian Songs Of The Month....

Aloha All....

Yesterday, I received this email from a frequent reader of mines:

"Hi Jen---hopefully you can help me & it's not stamping.
It's a CD, but I can't remember the artist, & no one else can in this area.
He's Hawaiian, on the cover he's on the beach, very long name.....I CANNOT
remember his name, but the 1st time I heard his beautiful music, I fell in love with it.
I'd totally be so thankful for your support, with a name.

Many thanks, ahead of time
I LOVE your site & check it regularly. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Sue, Moncton, NB, Canada"

Sue... just for you - I'v uploaded 4 songs of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - (whom we love to call "Braddah IZ") currently playing now (turn on your speakers if you want to hear his angelic voice). God Bless His Soul... we, the people of Hawaii has just celebrated the 10th year anniversary of Braddah IZ's death. It gives me great honor to be able to share some of his music here on my site. It also gives me chicken skin knowing that this man from Hawaii, with such a huge lovely voice has touched millions of lives all over the country, and to have 1 person, from Canada to contact me about it.... wow!!! that's touching for me. Thanks Sue!!! You've made me very happy!!! Hope these songs will melt your heart as you have done mines.

Happy Aloha Friday All,