July 8, 2007

The Wedding....

Have you been waiting for this post?! I know, I wanted to post it last night, but I was toooooo pooped!!! So here are the pics. Yesterday was a beautiful day....the sun was brightly shining, there were no rain clouds in the sky.... beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

The very first picture I took was this one of Diamond Head...the tip of it, as you can see here. It was peeking through some trees, and buildings, and I thought I was just gorgeous from where I was at. Had to get a shot of beautiful Diamond Head, wanted to show you how beautiful it really was!!!
Then had Chazz n' Charlie smile for me with Diamond Head in the background, and then had Chazz take a pic of Charlie n' I.

This is the center piece....it is very top heavy (can you tell?!). The lucky person that got to take it home was someone that had their birthday closes to yesterday's date. I was not the winner of this center piece, and I'm happy for that, cause it would've just been a dust collector here in my home. For my wedding - I had the center pieces designated for certain people for certain reasons. It was a good thing too, cause sometimes, at some of the weddings I've been to, some family members would just take the center pieces without even having consideration for the bride n' groom's wishes of whom they wanted it to go with. I tell ya....

Their favors were these cute tin hearts. Ok, you know the wheels in my head were turning when I saw these cute buggahs.... I made sure that I took all 3 of ours, and threw them into my purse right away!!!! I'll make something out of them and give them away...

Local weddings are HUGE. But if you think they are HUGE, 1st Birthday Parties here are even BIGGER. But... let me get back to talking about the wedding....this one was sooo cute.... when the bride n' groom walked in they did a little ballroom dancing for the invitees...and then the wedding court "judged" them like on "Dancing with the Stars"... the men all voted all "10's", while the ladies voted all "2's"... it was a cute joke for the bride n' groom.

The program consisted of lunch (of course), the groom's neice sang a song, they shared a slide show, cut the cake, and then the traditional bride n' groom's 1st dance. Only...this was traditional "local style".... well, more like the Filipino way (the bride is Filipino and groom is Japanese), but a lot of local families are picking up this traditional 1st dance. What this means is that while the bride n' groom are dancing, family and friends would go up to them, and placed money on their bodies... anywhere on their bodies, but mostly in their mouths - the person that has the money on their body has to pass it on to the other person with their mouths....e.g., if the money was placed in the bride's mouth, then she would pass it to the groom with her mouth - he would then drop it into a box that a friend or family member is usually carrying right next to them. OR, if the money was placed in the bride's dress (like right at the top), then the groom would take it using only his mouth, and then drop it into the box. It's sooo much fun to do, and I get a little kick outtah this.... cause I have plenty of **sweet** places I like to put the money at. Here is a picture I took after I placed the money somewhere on the groom's body... can you guess where?! {{{hint: it was below his waist}}}. As you can see from the pictures, the money can be placed in many places... also, there is no minimum or maximum amount of money that you can give - it's just something to wish the bride n' groom "Good Luck".

All in all, the boyz and I had a great time at the wedding. I met up with plenty of my former co-workers, and it was just a happy gathering. Cyrus stayed with my mom, and I am thankful that he did. He would've been running around stealing the show.... that's MY job! =0)

P.S. My Daily Video is up... it is a video of the toast done at the wedding. Thought I'd share that... the toast is a traditional Japanese style toast.... "Banzai" which can be clearly heard by your's truly... means "Cheers!!!".... Plenty of cheers to this beautiful couple... the groom has been one of my best friends since 12 years ago...I'm so happy for the BOTH of them!!!