July 31, 2007

**CLOSED** Update on JT's RAK Club - August

ETA: Sign Up is CLOSED!!!! I've updated to show more participants that signed up before the deadline. I'm still waiting on addresses from those that have "***" next to their names..... the person for you to RAK will be selected randomly through random.org. If you need more info on this RAK, please click here. If you still haven't found your answer(s) feel free to email me....

So far, here is the list of RAK'rs for the month of August.... if you'd like to sign up, hurry - you have only until tomorrow!!!
    • Pheobe
      Sara Simmons
      Teri Suzuki
      Maria Bell
      Dawn Griffth
      Eleanor Abril
      Nancy Elrick
      Kim Burress
      Katie Skiff
      Tracy Griffin
      Pat Sergeant
      Diana ***
      Janaina Oliveira
      Corie Foster
      Cheryl Sims
      Florence Savarese
      Alexis Ridgway

      Tracy Houghton
    • Debbie Harris
      Sara Jondahl
      Jodie Cole
      Monique Montenegro
      Lorrie R. Brewer
      Deb Golan

      Jennifer Griffin-Valeri
      Cheryl Miyashiro
      Jen Young

If you signed up, and don't see your name here - please shoot me an email. If you haven't sent me your snail mail addy, please do so. I am waiting for snail mail addy's from those with "***" next to their names.

We're almost ready to play!!!

Hugs to all...even those not playing. =0)