July 12, 2007

Tagged Once More....

I have been tagged again, by 3 MORE lovely stampettas...Dawn, Malieta, and Teri. So here are 7 more fun things about me:

1. When I drink coffee in the morning, I realize that there is no need for brushing my teeth. Cause drinking coffee covers up my breath weather I did or didn't brush my teeth. Did I tell ya I started drinking coffee again?

2. I don't like to throw anything away! I always think that I'll be able to use it later, and it irks me to think that if I threw it away, I'll regret it.......

3. Connecting to #2....if I don't throw it away, I don't use it as much as I want to!!! What the heck?! That irks me too.... so why would I keep it, right?! Cause I don't wanna throw it away.....ahhh!!!!

4. At age 7, I found out, that if you fart in a bottle, and covered it up, it'll still stink 1 week later (I gave the bottle to my brother to open).

5. My hair used to be as long as down to my calves, then I cut it to my waist, and now it is right below my bra line. I have only been to the hair salon once, it wasn't to cut my hair, and it wasn't for my wedding.... my hair is in a bun 95% of the day, the 5% of the day it is down while I'm taking a shower.

6. I used to "paint with colors" big time when I was a little girl.... do they still make those books? I would love to get these for my Cyrus....

7. As a child, I remember being told that "Puff The Magic Dragon" was a song telling a story about smoking weed.... was anyone else told this story?