July 21, 2007

Submittals for Sketch Challenge #7

Good Evening, it is now Saturday evening, 9:40 p.m. here in Hawaii... I've received 1 more submittal from Corie of Creations by Corie... this card is awesome!!

It's Saturday morning.... I didn't think there were going to be any more submittals, but when I got up this morning... I received note that there were 2 more!!!! WOWZer!!!!

This card came from my sistah Dawn, over at Dawn's Stampin' Thoughts... can't get enough of that Baroque Motif set... I'll never get tired of it... Dawn made this very pretty card for her Pastor's wife, whose grandma passed... what a sweetie of Dawn!

This one came from my homey, Allison... she's over at Stampin' When I Can... and I'm totally thrilled that when she could, she stamped using my sketch! How sweet!! Love the Bees... these are one of my favorite stamps since seeing them on Beate's site.

It's Thursday, almost the end of the week, and still have not done everything on my to do list. Well, here's what has been submitted today....

Lookie, something from my friend Adrian of Adrian's Crazy Life. She finally got to do one of my challenges. Love her color combo and those CB swirls... yummy!!!

Good Morning Wednesday.... Wednesday is the day I head over to mom n' dad so they can have a lil' play time with Cyrus. It works out for me too, cause that's when I get to "get away" from home, and just kick back over there. But the deal is... no crafts...no nothing, but my laptop. Maybe I can sneak away for a manicure and pedicure. We'll see....

Anyways... here's what's in this morning for SC #7....

Here's a card made by Tracy of Tracy's Happy Place - she's a happy sistah, and here's her beautiful card!!!

Anyways... here's what's in this morning for SC #7.... Cheryl my Mum-On-The-Run sistah, has submitted this very cute n' simply made card. Totally love her paper piecing.

Good Morning Tuesday, Y'all!!! People were busy last night... there were 3 submittals this morning for this sketch challenge. Everyone did a MARVELOUS job!!! Check them out:

This one is an adorable one made by my Sistah Teri. This is her first challenge, sisters!!! You'll all need to go on over and let her know how cute this card is, cause we want her doing more!!!! She's got some great stuff up her sleeves, but it's always how she can find the time to do them, cause if you all know her - she is "Wonda Woman" in her house.

Kimberly of Crafty Me has submitted this card which she made for her dad. So cool!!! I'm sure he's going to love this card, it's so cute!!!
Here's "Aunty" Flossie's cards.... she couldn't decide wether to have the ribbon on her card or not. So, I'm posting both. Please go on over to her site, and let her know which one you like. She'd love to hear your thoughts n' comments! I love spots, so for me, the more the merrier!!!!

It's Monday afternoon..... about 3:30 p.m. Just in....another submittal, this time, it's one from Delfina. Very cute card. That's right sisters, you don't have to follow the size of the card.... the sketch goes with any card....square, rectangle.... that's proof right here!!!

Good Morning Monday.... **yawn**

Hope all is recovering well from all those weekend parties.... got some artist's that are already jumping on doing my sketch challenge #7, and here they are....

Sistah Samm is on it ladies!! This is the 2nd time that she is submitting her artwork before my sample is up! Got to my email this morning....and "BOOM!".....this was here. Very pretty. Love the colors she decided to go with, and love that she is focusing on a letter.... Samm's site is By Samm..... So cute ya?! Go on and check out her other stuffs. She's a challenge chaser, and loves to do all the challenges out there.
A new blog sistah of mines has decided to join the challenge. She's also fairly new to the blogging world, so I'm thrilled that she has decided to try out my sketch challenge this week. Anne Marie of Rest and Be Thankful has submitted her beautiful card this morning. Please go on over and say "aloha" to Anne Marie. Check out her stuff, she's got some elegant creations there, and welcome her to the blogging world while you're there.