July 24, 2007

Submittals for Challenge #8

Wow... once again, there are gals that are just on the ball when I post up these challenges. Here are what I've gotten in so far....

This one is on the right is from Jodene (adisneyfreak on SCS). Jodene doesn't have a blog, but she has a gallery filled with plenty of challenges that she's constantly chasing. This time, my challenge was one that she chased down and conquered! Way to go, Jo! (BTW Jo - Flossie's Looking For Ya!!)

This one is submitted by Ms. Flossie. Love her blue blue blue of everything and then a jade bird. I love that bird too. How cute!! This card looks cheery, and just gives you something to smile about, don't cha think?!

Lookie what the cat brought in... or in this case, lookie what brought in the cat. A very sexy looking matchbook card. Malieta has challenged herself to create at LEAST 3 challenges per week. You go girl!!! I'm tickled that mines is one of the challenges she's choosen.... her cat is sleek, with sexy green glittered eyes, and pretty flowers that she used to accent. Here is her card.