July 7, 2007

Sizzix Sizzlit Chics

Good Morning Saturday All....

Before I head out to the wedding today (nope, didn't find the invite - but I did find out where, when and why...hahah!), anyways - before I head out, I wanted to share a lil' something with ya....

About a month or so ago, I headed to J's Knicknacks and bought a bunch of Sizzlits die cuts of cute MAMBI girls!!! J's Knicknacks is a lil' store down in McCully, here on Oahu. It started out as a sports card store... how funny - cause 12 years ago, Charlie was into sports cards collecting, and he used to go to J's!! Now, J's also caters to crafty people, like me!!! So, I can go together with Charlie, and he can check out the sports cards, while I check out the eye candy, and spend his money!!! Oh, but Charlie doesn't come with me tho' - infact, Chazz and Cyrus are the ones that are taking an interest into the cards, but it's not sports cards they're interested in, it's those Pokemon cards. Uncle Cliff has taken a liking to his new nephews....he even let them eat some of his grapes that were in the fridge....well, I think Cyrus helped himself to it, and Uncle Cliff just said, "go"..... (so "make house" my kids). Anyways, the last time I was there - or was it the time before?...ok moving on.... I saw all these cute Sizzix Sizzlits of MAMBI galz. Of course I didn't pass them up. Cliff had them on sale for 20% off, off of his already discounted price. How am I supposed to feel if I went home and didn't get them? That would be a kick in my butt right?! hahaha... well, I bought them and adopted those girls as my own. At the time of the purchase, I already knew that I wanted to make luggage tags with these gals, and that's exactly what I did.

Because there are so many pieces to this die cut, I started out with the base color which was my skin tone color. I then cut scraps of paper and cardstock to use for die cutting the hair, clothing and sandals. I then cut out the pieces that I wanted. It was a tedidous but somewhat soothing thing to do. Cause in order to do a good job, I had to take my time, and relax. So, here they are after I did the piecing on the girl on the left, I decided that I was only going to piece the blouse on the girl on the right. I then colored in her pants, cell phone and purse. But it's a good thing, cause they are matching colors, right?!

Well, here is a photo of them after being laminated into a luggage tag. I know... kinda funky looking with those air pockets, huh? Well, I ran them through the laminating machine a couple of times, but those air pockets didn't go away. Anyhoos, as you can see, I made them for my Mama Wini and Sister Teri. I slipped the tags it into their bags of googies that I gave them the other day when they were here at my house. What a surprising treat, eh?! Did I just toot my horn?!

Ok, you all have a marvelous Saturday....will share pics of the wedding later. The weather looks BEAUTIFUL today.... we're going to have some pretty pictures. I gotta go and make breakfast for the clan, so will catch y'all later!!!

Oh! BTW - I found my digital camera....video's will be up tonight...or tomorrow (depending on your time zone). Where was it? In my car... in my "drag around bag" that I usually "drag around" with me that has my SU! Catalog n' SB mags, laptop and what?! my camera.....duh!!!
Hugs to all,