July 5, 2007

Sharing What We Did Yesterday - July 4th

Yesterday....we went to the beach on the North side of the island. This time, we went the Mililani way - it was good, cause I got to take pictures of that side of the island, without having to turn my back and take the picture, or stick my hand out and blindly snap the photo. The weather was kinda gloomy, but we still wanted to get out n' about. Our doggie Ehu (pronounced: "a who" short "a")... isn't she a pretty lady?!

I love this picture of Cyrus too - he's such a ham like his mommy!!!

So we get to "our spot" on the North Shore (I call it "our spot" cause this is the 2nd time that we've gone to the same spot, and it's a mighty sweet spot too!!). Anyways, when we get there, set up our tent and mats, snacks n' drinks... we're ready to go into the water... but as we're walking to the ocean...ahhhhh!!!! "Portuguese Man-Of-War!!!!".... they were all on the shoreline. Yucky!!! This is what it looks like.... And if you step on them, their tenticles (those dark blue stuffs) will sting ya!!!

So, we opt to play on the sand instead. We had a great time doing just that. Cause we were in each other's company. The air was nice n' breezy, and it was just relaxing to hang out. Everyone had a great time.

On the way home, I took some shots of the beauty that this island dishes out. I love this part of the island, it just seems so soothing. Don't you just love this photo? where the mountain is right there by the beach.

Then we drove towards China Man's Hat (it's an island). Have you heard of the story of this "hat" island?! Probably not. But let me just tell you breifly... the story goes... well, I don't really know the story. I only know parts of the Hawaiian Legend of "China Man's Hat".... basically, there was a China Man who was a fisherman.... and some how he was put under a spell - and went to sleep... that's where he's sleeping, his hat is at the top of the sea, and his body, beneath it....I'll have to check up on the story, and get back to you. But here is the photo of it. Are you interested yet? I am too....hahaha, I really need to find out now.

Anyways, it was a long ride home, Cyrus fell asleep. Ehu was still wide awake as ever!

When I got home, lookie what I found!!! My DH bought me a little gift...if you can't tell by the photo - it's a Circut Expression. It wasn't a gift for July 4th, he said it was a "Just Because"gift. What a spoiled brat I am. That is why I am very happy to be the only girl in the house. Hahaha... just kidding - I think he would spoil me just as much (maybe even more), if we had a little princess, huh?! Well, for now, Ehu is the only princess of this castle. I'll keep you all posted if I hear of any news of another princess.

Anyways, this morning, I got up, and set up a table for all of my machines....I found a spot in my store area, right next to the window. Very nice, and I love that when I open up the window, the sun comes in and brightens up the section. I'm so thrilled that I was also able to fit my swe machine on the table too. Now, I'll be able to sew on some cards.... I have been dying to try that technique out!!!

Hope you're having a good day. I'm off to check out your site now....