July 17, 2007

Pidgin Word Of The Week...Daily Video & Photo

My Daily Video and Photo are up! I have combined it together with my "Pidgin Word of The Week".

The Pidgin Word Of The Week is actually an expression we say here, and it is..... "Fo' Real"

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Word: "Fo' Real"

Pronounced: Fo' REEL

Meaning: This expression can mean several things.....for example:

1. Agreement: "You Can Say That Again" or ...."um-hmm....FO' REAL!"

2. Threat: "I'm not kiding buster!" or....."You like lickin's fo' real?!"

and 3. Surpirse: "Are you kidding me?!" or.... "WOT!?!?!?! FO' REAL!?!??!!?!"

It's your turn.... leave me a comment using this expression.

The daily photo is of your's truly and her man....

hugs n' aloha to all,