July 25, 2007

Pidgin Word Of The Week....

Aloha All....

I'm a little late on the Pidgin word of the week, this week. I didn't want to bombard you all with sooo many postings. So here I am, on a Wednesday with the Pidgin word of the week.

For this week.... the word is:

"Whatevahs".... This is a very handy word. It can be used to mean almost anything. For instance:

  • I don't want to talk about it:
Carol: "Wow, Debbie! Yo' date one hour late! What you going do if he no show up?".....
Lani: "Whatevahs!"

  • I don't know/It doesn't matter:
Ben: "What we going do tonight, David?"
David: "Whatevahs!"

  • I'm crazy about you!!!:
Ralph: "What movie you like see tomorrow, Laurie?"
Laurie: (giggling n' being all giddy....) *sigh* "Whatevahs...."

Now's it's your turn... do whatevahs with the word "whatevahs", and I wanna see whatevah you can come up with.