July 10, 2007

Pidgin Word Of The Week: "Da"

Hey All,

I've decided to move this element to my blog postings instead. For future references, I thought...how would I refer back to these words should I need them in the future?!.... or worse, how would YOU refer back to them?... =0)

If this is your 1st time reading this "Pidgin Word Of The Week Post" - Please read this post first.

The word of this week is "Da":

Pronounced: "da" (long but short "A", not "duh", but like the "da" in "soda")

There are 3 meanings for this word....

  • Meaning 1. "The"
  • Samples: English: "The little boy fell down" - Pidgin: "Da boy broke his head"

  • Meaning 2: "How "
  • Samples: English: "How Cute!" - Pidgin: "Oh, da cute!"

  • Meaning 3: "So "
  • Samples: English: "It's So Hot!" - Pidgin: "Oh, da hot!"
  • If you comment, please try to use the word "da" in your comments....I want a laugh.

    Have a good day all!!!