July 24, 2007

More Submittals for Challenge #8

I received 2 more submittals for this challenge. I'm so happy that there are tons of you that are loving this week's challenge. I totally enjoyed making this card, and I hope I can fit in some time to make more this week before the challenge is OVER!!!

Here is a card sent in by Est of Crafti-n-est. Ain't it so darling?! She even sewed on it... dang, I have yet to still accomplish that challenge!!! Est is from the UK, and I just love checking out the challenges that she chases. She totally writes in a different language too, and I can just hear her accent while reading her blog. You'll have to check out her pic in the sidebar, and read what she's written - cause it's the sweetest thing, only if you can imagine hearing the way she sounds. I digg that!!!

This next card was sent it by Jana. She is new to stamping and has been stopping by lately to check out what we've all got, and has been inspired to create, and challenge herself. I'm so proud of her!!! Keep going Jana, just keep doing these challenges, and you will be surprise at what you've got up your sleeves!!! She used the "Thanks" from the Cricut Cartridge "George Fonts".... so cute!!!