July 2, 2007

JT's Monthly Aloha RAK Club **CLOSED**

Aloha Ladies! The sign up period for July's "JT's Aloha RAK Club" has ended! We have 16 RAKR's for the month of July!!! Holy Ka-Moly!!! That's AWESOME!!! Here are the list of RAKR's for this month. I will email all of you soon with info on who's RAKin' who and where to send it to. Thanks again! I'm looking forward in RAKin' my monthly SOMEONE!!

**Also, I've included residents of military bases located in foreign countries to participate - as the cost to military base units are the same as shipping anywhere in the US (or not too expensive at least!).

  • Pat Sergeant (foodpartyfun)
  • Cheryl Sims
  • Teri Suzuki
  • Me (Jen Young)
  • Elaine *** (I need your email addy, girlie.)
  • Denise
  • Maria
  • Jeanna
  • Cheryl M.
  • Alexis
  • Tracy H.
  • Carolyn
  • Liann
  • Laura Pringle
  • Corie
  • Debi Nicol