July 3, 2007

I've Been Tagged - 3 Times!!!!

It's been awhile since I've been tagged, I think the last time was when I first started blogging about 3-1/2 months ago. I've been tagged by 3 lovely talented stampin' ladies, Charly of Charly's Crazy Corner, Nancy of Nancy's Creative Mess and Laura of Stampin' Laura I've done this before (twice) - had to name 7 things about me.... well, I'm going to take this opportunity to "toot my horn" and brag about myself. "Toot! Toot!"....

So here we go....

  1. I can play the flute. I have been the 1st chair flutist for my high school wind symphony band in my Jr. n' Sr. years. I've played n' gotten paid for playin' at several weddings. (Not too much tho', less than 10 weddings).
  2. I was the Color Guard Captain "Flags" for my high school marching band during my Sr. year. I was asked to return after high school to help with the following year....
  3. I have coordinated, emcee'd and sang for several of my girlfriend's and guyfriend's weddings. All we're very pleased and happy with my output.
  4. I hand crafted EVERYTHING for my wedding....centerpieces, favors, guest book, wishing well box, and even did our own slide show.....then I was asked to do some of my friend's wedding slide shows too!!!
  5. I gave birth to my 1st son without an epidural shot - 13 hours of labor, baby!!!! Um... 2nd one, I opt for the shot - after waiting out 8 hours tho' (way to go!!!).
  6. I can tear up a dance floor pretty good - it's got to be hip hop or dance mix music tho'....I used to stay out late nights til' the clubs closed down (back in the dayz), of course, I gave that up for the best thing in my life now....my family!!!
  7. Finally... the last one....can I toot my horn any more than I've already done?!?!?! Ok... I'm an All Natural Size 36-C... how's that for my last toot?!

Thanks for reading... Now I'm tagging these 7 fabulous ladies: Cheryl (CAKVD), Cheryl M., Jenny, Tracy, Jus Mo, Jus Jo, and Adrian...Go On Girls... it's your turn to toot your own horn...and I wanna hear it all the way from here!!!!