July 18, 2007

I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger!!!

Yea!!! How cool is this?! Well.... I have been nominated by 3 lovelies....Flossie , Allison and Tracy .... as a "Rockin' Girl Blogger". Thanks ladies for nominating me - it's such a cool "badge" to have. Totally cool. I understand that I am to proudly "wear" this badge in my sidebar, and then to nominate 5 others.....so here are my 5 RGB's (in no particular order):

Dawn: I would NOT be surprised if this girlfriend is already nominated. She is totally a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Dawn has been one of the very 1st blogs that I was drawn to, and am still sucked in when I get to her site. She has something to post every single day.... I just don't know how she does it. Well, actually I do... it's with a big heart for the love of doing it. Right, Dawn?! I love her trademark *wink wink*... it's addicting, and I even love to use it. Love your stuffs, Sweetie!!!

Maria: She is an amazing blogger. She runs 2 blogs simultaneously, and all the while keeping up with things with her family and housework. She does a great job, and I'm totally proud of her!!!

Teri: My Sistah Teri is actually just a girlfriend of mines. A lot of people (blog readers - that have never seen us before) have asked several times if we were "real sisters" or assumes that we are. We really are just good friends, and stampin' sisters, that bounce off energy and ideas off of each other. Teri is also my SU! upline. Even thought I know that Teri doesn't have a whole lot of time to blog, when she does - she's got plenty of great adorable ideas to offer, and I totally agree that she ROCKS!!!

Adrian: Adrian's a real crack up. I get a kick out of her postings, and love to read about her crazy life. Cause it's just as crazy as mines! Although she's new to blogging, she's coming along pretty well. Therefore, she is rockin' on over.....

Valorie: This girl is just on it. Love her stuff, love her blogging.