July 15, 2007

Daily Video & Photo Are Up!

Today's daily video consists of Chazz pulling a name out of a basket for my Sketch Challenge #6. However, in my video, I mistakenly say "Sketch Challenge #5". You will know that the winner did not enter in Sketch Challenge #5, therefore, this confirms that it is definitely for Sketch Challenge #6.
Oh... by the way, Cyrus wanted to pull a name as well - so for Sketch Challenge #6 - there are 2 winners!!! Here is a photo of the names written down before I threw them in the basket.

Ladies... please email me with your snail mail addy so I can get some goodies out to ya!!!

Today's photo is of me n' my prego GF Shelley. Note: My hair is down....ahhh!!!! Be sure to read the previous post to check out the card, envelope and scrapbook that I made for her!!!