July 4, 2007

Daily Video & Photo Are Up!

We headed out to Aloha Tower last night, and checked out the early show of fireworks. I was beautifully stunning!!! Thought I'd share what we saw - but I'm sure you all had your share of wonderous fireworks from your part of the country.

The photo is of Chazz n' Cy, which was taken on the 2nd, this is when they both got their "Webkinz" which I ordered online. They are stuffed animals that you register online so that you can take care of them virtually. Chazz named his "Vanilla", and Cy named his "Cinnamon".... what's with the spices? I dunno - but I think it had a lot to do with their colors. It's so cute though, now Cy hangs on to his "Cinnamon" wherever he goes!!!