July 6, 2007

Change Again....

Happy Aloha Friday, Sisters.... I'm totally late with this posting, and I apologize. First off... I changed the color combo of my site again. Thought something a lot brighter would be a resemblance of Summer better. The last color combo I had seemed pretty "dark" and more for the "fall".... anyways, hope you all like this one better.

Second... I can't find my dang digital camera!!! I've looked everywhere in this house... I swear, and I can't seem to locate it! It's driving me NUTS!!! I bet cha it's probably somewhere, yelling out, "here I am, at the bottom of this pile....". But that's just it - there isn't any pile (anymore). Ahhhh!!! It's a good thing that I have my Canon Rebel. Oh but what is junk about this camera, is that I can't do any video clips. So.... no video of the day for me. Sorry if you had come by hoping to see another "Aloha Friday" clip of me.... I was bummed out too.

Oh well.. that's why I was MIA today.... I did do some projects, and I will be uploading them in a few minutes. So, come on back and see what I've got. Hope you're all having a grand Friday night (I'm sure it's the middle of the night for some places!).