July 15, 2007

The Baby Shower Card, Envelope....and Scrapbook!!!

How's everyone's Sweet Sunday....ok.... so yesterday - Saturday 7/14, it was the baby shower of one of my GF's. Her name is Shelley. She's going to be a 1st time mommy, and she's having a lil' boy, whom she is going to name Joshua. How cool is that? Why? Well... her 1st 2 letters of her name is "SH", and her hubby's 1st 2 letters of his name is "JO", which makes up the 1st 4 letters of their baby's name.... added 2 more letters to make it his "own", and it's "Joshua". I'm not sure if this is the reason why they are naming their baby this - but it's something that popped into my corny mind.

Let's talk about what I made for this GF of mines. Of course, I made her a card. I choose a Prego-Bella to make her card. Yea, I know, it's a Baby Shower, that maybe I should'ah made a card with a baby thingy on it... but really... aren't we celebrating the pregnancy of mama right now?! When baby arrives, I will make a baby card just for him, just like I did for my niece Eilinah! =0) So here it is.... my prego-bella card.

I used my blings again, and totally loved using them. My sentiment "sparkle" is an SU! stamp from the "Warm Words" set. The word "sparkle" totally matches how Shelley looks being prego. I used a this sketch found on Di Hickman's website for the layout. (Thanks to my newest blog sista Ana for the tip on Di's site). The white dots.... do you know what I used? Did you guess my White Uni-ball Gel Pen? If you did.... you are wrong!!! You know, I used to love using that White Uni-ball Gel Pen. When I first got it - it worked just fine. I think I used it less than 5 times, and by the time I tried to use it again, hello!?!?!? NOTHING!!! (Shall I do another video about "NOTHING" again?). Well... then I got this idea from the nail salon. When I go to get my nails done, and prettied up - the gal puts these cute lil' flowers on them. Do you know how she does it?! She uses acrylic paint, but dipping a stylus into a lil' paint and then presses it unto my nail. The stylus that she has looks exactly like the stylus found in craft stores (only thing, her stylus is pink, and it has some kinda nail label on it). So I thought that I would do the same with my dots. And it works. Now, I'm never going to buy another White Uni-ball Gel Pen again....I have a full bottle of white acrylic paint to use, and a purchase of a small acrylic paint bottle, plus the stylus tool is just as much as the uni-ball pen, but I am going to get a WHOLE LOT MORE out of this bottle. Yay!!! Oh, and drying time isn't that long either.......

Well, because my card was an odd shaped size (4x6), I didn't have an envelope on hand that would fit it. So, I made a custom envelope for this card, using my 5-in-1 envelope shown here.

Once again, I totally made use of my blings. Put them on my prego mama's hat, her high waist, and her purse. This prego mama is a die cut from my Cricut cartridge called "New Arrival". All cardstock and ds paper are of SU!.

2 days before the shower, I was debating if I should just give a card with money in it. Then Friday arrived, 1 day BEFORE the shower, I decided that I was going to make her a 20 page scrapbook. Yes....remember? I was trying to decide if I will do it or not?! Well..... I did.... all day Friday, I took my time, cause I was just not "into" doing it - just yet. Then at 6 p.m., while the sun was near the horizon, I thought, "holy s***.... I better hurry up!!!!". Sistahz.... the wheels were NOT turning AT AL, NOT ONE BIT.... at least not YET. Then it hit me.... I think it was about 10 p.m., that I got hit the head, real hard.... and that's how it all started....

Here are photos of my prego GF Shelley, showing my card, envelope and scrapbook to the rest of the ladies...

Ok... and here's a slide of the scrapbook that I've made. All of the die cuts were made using my cricut cartridges "New Arrival", "Mini Mongrams" and "George Fonts". I also used chiptoppers from Bazzill Basics on some pages, 1 Stampin' Up! stamp from the retired "Riveting" set (the stamp that says "Welcome Little One". This is a 8 x 8 album. I must say that am so happy that I have this Cricut Expression, cause I would've never been able to make die cuts over 5-1/2" on the 1st Cricut I owned, and there were several large cuts that I used in this book...large scallop square on cover is 8", large scallop circle on the elephant page is cut at 7-3/4", large heart is cut at 7-1/2". I went to bed at 1 a.m. Friday, (or rather Saturday a.m.) got up at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, and completed the book by 9:30 a.m. All Cardstock are Stampin' Up!, ds papers are DCVW and 3 Bugs. How'd I do it in such little time? First, I cut out the die cuts that I wanted to use, then I worked on the layout of each page, and then went back and added ribbon. Gotta tell ya, it was the best 6 hour rush of adrenaline I've had yet.....

If you'd like to view these pages at your own pace, please click here: Shelley's Baby Scrapbook

Have an awesome Sunday!!! See ya all tomorrow...with a **NEW** pidgin word of the week.