June 25, 2007

WINNER of 9000 Hits Candi Pieces Giveaway!!!!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies.... I think all of you did a GREAT JOB patting yourselves on the back!!! I totally enjoyed reading about everybody being positive about themselves, and I was really surprised at the # of people that actually participated in this one!!! Thank you all for playing. You all are Supah Stars!!!! As for the winner... the random lister over at Random.Org has randomly selected the winner to be:

>>>> >Linda SS<<<<<

Linda SS said...

This post is such a hoot:) Ok, here goes...I like myself because:1) I am NICE to everyone that I encounter.2) I'm HAPPY, even though I have a serious illness.3) I'm DEPENDABLE and you can count on me to be on time or there for you whenever I'm needed.All of my best attributes are gifts from God and the love that I have within me for His Son, Jesus Christ. I am nothing without Him.

June 24, 2007

Congratulations Linda SS - and thank you all for playing.... Linda SS, please send me your addy - so that I can mail these goodies your way!!!

Aloha n' Hugs To You All!!!