June 15, 2007

Winner of 6000 Hits Candi Pieces

Thank you all for participating in my 6000 Hits Candi Pieces Giveaway..... it was such fun to read all what you've wrote, I truly enjoy it, and I'm making an effort to check out the sites of each n' every one of you!!! So please... if you do not have a link to your site - please provide it to me.

Ok, the winner of my 6000 Hits Candi Giveaway is.....

>>>>> Jenny In Maine <<<<<

Jenny in Maine said...

Yeay! Congrats! LOVE the colors of your blog, very fun!! Have a great time with your sister!!

Hugs, Jenny in Maine

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June 14, 2007

Jenny ~ please send me your snail mail, and I will get these goodies out to you pronto!!!

Thank you all for playing!! See you all again soon!!!